Safeena, the agenda of the stereotype, and how to swallow life’s nuances

I want to enter this conversation about Safeena, from a couple of windows, so to say. Alia Bhatt's character in Gully Boy and the scene where she pleads with her mother to be "allowed" to go out and socialize with friends is a dialogue screaming to be told by women in some parts of India … Continue reading Safeena, the agenda of the stereotype, and how to swallow life’s nuances


I was thinking of how Covid might make everyone a carrier of the disease very soon. I am not sure of this but it is a train of thought. It took me back to the time when I made multiple visits to the US from India with both my kids in tow. We had plans … Continue reading Neem

Azadirachta Indica or Neem

The world of nature closely connects with the world of humans, it does and it should. Nature as an essential element of the world around us is being taken over by the artificial infrastructure but when it does connect, one is able to emote to the beauty of it. Nature and nurture- the two wor(l)ds … Continue reading Azadirachta Indica or Neem

The Signs Are Everywhere

About 5 years ago my brother-in-law passed away.  And it was sad.  And tragic. And heartbreaking.  But it was also enlightening.  And inspiring.  And unbelievable. I know that sounds strange but let me tell you why. Shortly after my brother-in-law passed, my son, who was ten at the time, had to pick a number for … Continue reading The Signs Are Everywhere

Dying to move On-ward

Dying as far as we understand is transformation for the dead; but, also for some of us living.  My Dad lived wisely. Now he teaches me posthumously. Yes, my Dad is no more. His death did not wait for me.  It happened. He’s gone forever; vanished into space when I least expected it. How can … Continue reading Dying to move On-ward

The Healing Power of Talking and Listening

Imagine picking up the phone and making an appointment.  Imagine talking to the other person and giving them a brief description of your life in order to assess your needs. Then imagine days later walking into that persons’ office.  It is dimly lit with a small but comfy looking couch, unique Chinese prints on the … Continue reading The Healing Power of Talking and Listening

Third Culture

Every time I visit India, I am reminded of the feelings, smells, and sounds which make up my perception of my parents’ childhood home: waking up to the sound of the street vendors shouting to sell vegetables and rushing out of bed to have piping hot chai with my grandparents; hearing the loud and bustling … Continue reading Third Culture

Awakenings at the Red Barn

The day was surreal. I was once again driving with my good friend and spiritual guide on another unknown adventure to continue to explore our energy healing selves.  I go blindly with my friend without asking questions because I trust her and am curious about where this journey will take me. But this journey seemed … Continue reading Awakenings at the Red Barn

Releasing Negative Energy

My first experience with energy work came about 5 years ago.  At the time, a good friend had begun her journey to spiritual awareness and she explained that her Energy Healer would clear my blockages and I would feel happier, lighter, less negative and overwhelmed.  In listening to her I became intrigued by all the … Continue reading Releasing Negative Energy