I make cauliflower in the old fashioned way with potatoes sauteed in oil and zeera. Slightly crunchy, slightly caramelized with a sprinkling of turmeric, salt and pepper. It is an amazing dish that over a period of time I changed to make without potatoes altogether and it still tastes great.

Slightly crunchy and slightly caramelized sounds oxymoron-ish since if you let it caramelize, it also becomes soft and looses the crunch. The way I do it is over high heat as I put the veggies in the oil and cover it. As soon as I see the steam escape from the sides I know to take off the lid and let the vegetables stick to the bottom of the pan and in essence, caramelize it. Toss it a few times if they are not done and repeat for a couple of minutes with the lid shut.

Variations I have tried with this dish is by starting off with sliced onions, ginger garlic paste/chopped sautéed first and then the veggies added. I also add the kariyapak and kotmir to the dish in no particular order. Still the same absolute good taste!

The picture featured is not the dish I detailed but plain cauliflower dumped in hot water and baked/broiled with salt and pepper. It was served with a chimichuri side (not in the picture) at the Chelsea Market in Manhattan at the Miznon restaurant.

Cheers to that!