Sometimes I jot down a recipe in any form and place and use it aplenty later. It becomes a staple because someone loved it a lot. And that’s how I roll when I look for favorites- I ask my family or friends for a recipe and they share it or I write it down. This tawa masala recipe survived my two iPhone notes-app and lived through a toilet bowl flush- almost. Then I salvaged it into an email folder that still survives- technology!

Dhania 2 tbs
Saunf 2 tbs
Zeera 2 tsp
Methi 2 tsp
Black pepper 2 tsp
Amchur 2 tsp
Red chilies 3-4
Cloves 12-15
Cinnamon 2-3
Elaichi 6-7

Roast and grind to a powder and use over simple sauteed vegetables. Some liberal use of oil brings stunning results over okra and eggplant while potatoes, carrots, beans can also be the usual suspects for this recipe albeit with less oil and similar stunning results.