I was thinking of how Covid might make everyone a carrier of the disease very soon. I am not sure of this but it is a train of thought. It took me back to the time when I made multiple visits to the US from India with both my kids in tow. We had plans … Continue reading Neem

Releasing Negative Energy

My first experience with energy work came about 5 years ago.  At the time, a good friend had begun her journey to spiritual awareness and she explained that her Energy Healer would clear my blockages and I would feel happier, lighter, less negative and overwhelmed.  In listening to her I became intrigued by all the … Continue reading Releasing Negative Energy

Thread in Open Waters

Water and Memory are identical in their properties- malleable, transient, ephemeral and transformative. In this work, I use personal video recordings of waters that have moved me over the past decade, releasing these memories from the specificities of time and place and giving importance to the experience of moments. Fleeting instances are activated and brought … Continue reading Thread in Open Waters

Blurred Boundaries

"Blurred Boundaries" imagines the world as a network of systems and connections, conduits and tethers rather than isolationist nations. it speaks to how we experience the world currently- where paper maps are made obsolete and GPS technology gives us the topography of a place but also an illusion that we have knowledge of it. Its … Continue reading Blurred Boundaries

Safeena, the agenda of the stereotype, and how to swallow life’s nuances

I want to enter this conversation about Safeena, from a couple of windows, so to say. Alia Bhatt's character in Gully Boy and the scene where she pleads with her mother to be "allowed" to go out and socialize with friends is a dialogue screaming to be told by women in some parts of India … Continue reading Safeena, the agenda of the stereotype, and how to swallow life’s nuances

What motivates me to fight for clean air in India

What motivates me to fight for clean air in India. Dr. Gita Sinha writes about air pollution in New Delhi

A year in books

Meeting my Goodreads goal of 35 books in a year was one of my most gratifying accomplishments of 2018 1. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy This book was recommended to me by my mom, and besides her suggestions usually being pretty solid, I was excited to start the year with a book … Continue reading A year in books


It is the morning after several nights in a row. Nine nights, to be precise. The gods are carefully divested of their crowns and garlands, their long black tresses tied back with wispy cotton threads, packed into recycled plastic bags and put away in the big black trunk that holds the history of inter-continental crossings … Continue reading Navaratri