Brown onions and more~

We provide the many ways in which we treat our food and give it flavor. Each day it changes and there is a good reason for this. Sometimes, we want to cook healthy, sometimes it is based on what is in season and sometimes it is purely based on what we feel like eating. Planning and managing each one becomes a challenge and we are here to address that challenge. We do that by providing you with the health based reasoning, the taste based reasoning and sometimes because of just how good our trials were. We take you on a journey to explore this by talking to people and getting their input on their food cultures.

We also offer health benefits of the food item from traditional wisdom from local cultures- whether is it native American culture, African or the far eastern Vietnamese or the Maori culture. The Native American culture have a rich tradition of utilizing herbs and spices for healing purposes and we bring that to you on one page. You may want to look at one spice- cinnamon for it’s use in a desert recipe, a Christmas or as a remedy for a cold season. We bring it together over here.

Find the local produce and find out what is the best way to cook it. Whether it is the methi greens in the winter or ripe tomatoes in the summer. Work them into your recipes so that you are able to make the most of what is available to you. Enjoy your food if it is the holidays and festivals but know how to cut back with some good recipes that help you do that.

Tell us how you save on making food healthy in other ways. What about local foods?When you use local produce you support local farms and scale back on the carbon footprint because you avoid the imported variety. Did you know that a yogurt made in the US brings the bacteria culture from across New Zealand but calls it organic! The carbon footprint right there defeats the purpose of eating healthy by adding to the greenhouse gases in transportation and not to mention the preservatives that go into bringing something long distance.

We help you find the local recipes and you enjoy the benefits. We have experts who have created their presence in the online community of foodies and they bring us the recipes with links and sometimes the right location of the produce as well.