An Indian salad

Salads in India are a summer solution to extreme heat. The fruits and vegetables are the juiciest during summer. The reason being that there is ample sunshine to hasten the growth and along with enough water- they reach a full growth potential.

Salads when added to the plate take on the burden of providing roughage as well as the cooling quality to the spicy food. We see a lot of salads have curds and buttermilk added to add to the cooling element. This salad is a standard one of chopped variety that uses firm vegetables most of the time. Continue reading “An Indian salad”

what does yoga mean to you?

Every time you take a decision not to smoke and stop it,
you decide to stop drinking and actually do it,
you decide to eat right and do that,
you decide to sit down and close your eyes just like that.

Every time you took that paint brush and let go some colours on the canvas,
you picked up the phone to talk to someone you did not in a long time,
sat in the car after reaching the destination, just finished the song you were singing along,
kneeled down to speak to a child instead of standing,
curled up for hours with a book,
listened to someone 100%,
or simply got absorbed in the sound of the rustling leaves of that huge tree.

Every time Yoga happened.

Just increase those moments.
You don’t have to take the mat always for Yoga.
It’s our natural state of being. A Union.
A union of body, mind and soul.
What is your Yoga?

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Meena Waghray

medical records

I came across this note from reading Atul Gawande’s articles since the early 2000’s in the New Yorker Magazine. It took a while to fully understand the details of what he was writing until I fully understood the complicated way in which the healthcare system worked. It worked (or rather it did not work) because keeping ones health history intact and in order (book, bag, thaila, file) is a challenge and this catches up with you when some important elements of diagnosis are needed for treatment.

I was always in desperate-awe of the fact that doctors primarily went with physical diagnosis and less on what the patient was describing, almost brushing away the details as nonsense. This left me with a feeling of not being heard or a hypochondriac who never could stop talking about her health. Then I chanced upon one of Gawande’s articles where he describes how he treated a person’s actual problem by going back to his notes as described by the patients and noted and to things that were not the standard procedure. The doctor found that the small details that are built up in the patient’s medical history are a key to understanding their medical problems better. It is important to listen to the patient and pay attention to the details and it is helpful specially so in some critical diagnosis.

In this day when carrying one’s health history and carting it between doctors is such a nuisance, it makes sense to use a good electronic data maintenance system that works well.

touristing at the mandi

I went around the mandi for my vegetables and was chased by young boys looking to sell their wares: small clips, rubber bands, candles, nadas, agarbathis. It is an incessant force at the mandi to get your work done and not be distracted by the small kids who try to make a living. They are like guides to the mandi but at the same time we are short-term visitors who lug back our goods and disappear like tourists, like onlookers.

The phool mandi in Hyderabad, Jam Bagh as the old timers know it, is one such place that has changed faces. Now we also have flower markets in Gudimalkapur one of the largest flower markets in Hyderabad that gets the flowers from Shankarpally, Chevella, Vikarabad. Things change and not remain the same and it makes for the case of wabi-sabi, the way imperfections last.